Teaching Your Child to Build a Website

In the early days, the internet was mainly a place for adults to gather and talk about adult things. But because of its rising popularity along with the production of devices that can access the internet, people of all ages began to turn to the internet as one of the main forms of news source and entertainment – and kids are among them. You can see most kids nowadays browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos or reading other kid’s blogs. If that’s the case, why not teach them to build their own website?

teach kids web design

Choose a Topic

A website’s topic is important as this will help you and your kid to decide how the site will look like and what its contents will be. It doesn’t need to be a very specific topic. Some examples include:

  • video games
  • poetry and/or stories
  • reviews of products like books, toys, etc.
  • sports team
  • hobbies
  • TV shows
  • family

Remember, the website theme is only limited to her imagination.

Choose a Web Host

Now that you have a topic, it’s time to look for a web host. Basically, the web host is the place where your kid’s website will live. There are free web hosts available offering a lot of WYSIWYG editors. It comes with an easy maintenance and is free, however, you’ll have to use an unfriendly URL like http://www.TheFreeWebsiteURL/~YourKidsSiteName and your kid’s website will have ads and branding on it.

If you don’t want that, consider getting a paid hosting account. They are relatively cheap and you can have your own domain name (e.g. yourkidswebsitename.com). There’s no ads or branding and you have complete control over its contents.

Teach Them Web Design

If you know how to design a website using HTML or CSS, then it’s time to pass down your skills to your kid. If you don’t know, however, then it’s time to expand your skillset. It’s easy and fun to learn so you’ll have fun bonding with your kid while designing the website from scratch or from using a template. If you don’t like that, you can always use website builders which usually comes with a paid hosting account.

Decorate the Website

Adding decoration to the website is a good way to personalize it. Clip arts are a great decoration for a kid’s website. You can allow her to take pictures just for her website like taking pics of the family pet or pics of her drawing or painting.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog allows your kids to share his or her opinion to the world. It’s also a great way to enhance her writing skills. He or she will start thinking about a topic to write and will help develop your kid’s creative skills.

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