Our Kids And Technology

kids3Many people are plugged most of the time and we might think what impact technology may be having on our children. Technology is a very good learning tool that makes our children smart. Some people believe that it does not have any effect at all. According to some people, the utilization of technology is leading to social isolation and also enhancing other issues relating to giving attention to the kids and also encouraging bad habits. Some believe that technology can alter our culture and the way the human beings interact with each other.

There is no association between the utilization of technology and development of human beings. Some correlations are powerful to motivate you to restrict the screen time of your kids. Many researchers have discovered that if children are given exposure to the program that has quick edits and scene cuts, there can be some attentional issues in the children.

The brain is accustomed to the alteration in stimuli. It ceases to attend to any one aspect kids1and begins to zone out. If there is a great deal of exposure to this program it makes the brain accept information without even actually processing it. It has been observed that not all the programs are bad. Some children view the slow TV programs and do not develop issue related to attending to the children. You will find that some educational shows are paced in a slow manner with fewer stimuli on the screen and that provides the kids the chance to practice attending to the details.

Kids can practice making some associations between previous and new awareness, altering the information in the memory and also solving problems. A nice thumb rule is to restrict TV viewing to just an hour or two hours per day. If there is a glossy kind of glaze on the face of the child, then there might be an indication that his brain has ceased to concentrating. Then it is time to switch off the TV so that he may begin to think, create and make sense out of some aspects again.

kids2Technology has an addictive quality as it makes the activation of neurotransmitters linked with reward and fun. There have been many instances of addictions related to technology in kids who are just four years old. There was a case of a four-year-old girl put on the rehabilitation therapy because she had got the addiction for an iPad! It is highly rewarding to sign into the Facebook and see the red notification on the screen’s top. You may find out that it is very rewarding to play games on your computer. It may be cumbersome to get moderation as they do not have the skills of self-discipline. They would want to use a simple path if they are not directed by an adult. A child is reinforced in this highly busy world like playing with toys or viewing Television. It is pivotal to know that the use of technology encourages healthy habits in an individual.

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